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Amyl nitriteWelcome to Amyl Nitrite [dot] Org – an online informational presentation by A.C. Labs, a leading European alkyl nitrite producer.

Our Alkyl Products

We manufacture and supply high-grade amyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite, as well as other industrial and household cleaning fluids, liquid room odorizers, odor neutralizers and air fresheners.

Although the majority of our production goes to bulk buyers for subsequent repackaging and retail distribution, or for large-scale industrial applications, we also accept end-user orders for small quantities of our two most popular fluids:

You can buy as little as 250ml of purest amyl or isobutyl – fresh from our manufacturing facility, at a low, near-wholesale price.

Our Guarantee

As a trusted supplier to large industrial clients, we guarantee the precise chemical composition of our products. We never supply any "same purpose" substitutes.

Why It Matters

Experienced end users know to look past any label or a brand name, because in this industry, a significant percentage of for-retail repackagers score low marks for consistency. Many will not hesitate to source and bottle up inferior fluids when genuine supplies run short, or even package up entirely different chemical formulas under a previously trusted brand name.

Although much of our white-label production does get repackaged and distributed by third-party companies under a variety of household brand names, we cannot guarantee any brand owner's past, present or future sourcing decisions.

In other words, that powerful amyl cleaner you've been relying on for years may well contain cheaper, India-sourced isopentyl next time you buy.

Purchasing directly from us avoids this uncertainty.

No "New" Formulas

We have never manufactured cyclohexyl, isopropyl, isopentyl or any such substitutes, and we never will. Being cheaper and easier to produce, these are sometimes promoted as "new" formulas. However, they are far less effective in their intended applications and are more hazardous in the hands of an inexperienced consumer.

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