Strong isobutyl nitrite - specifications and uses

Amyl nitriteIsobutyl Nitrite – C4H9NO2

Isobutyl nitrite is a clear, colorless to light-yellow liquid that belongs to the reactive group of organic nitrites. Just as amyl nitrite, it is composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. The chemical is essentially an ester of isobutanol and nitrous acid; its CAS registry number is 542-56-3.

The compound is unstable, flammable and insoluble in water (will slowly decompose in water). It may begin a reaction that terminates in an explosion if mixed with reducing agents such as sulfides, nitrides, hydrides, ammonium, cyanides or various fuels.

Isobutyl's flash point is -10F and its boiling point 153F; auto-ignition temperature is unknown.


Isobutyl nitrite is prepared by reacting nitrous acid (which is generated by reacting a metal nitrite and a mineral acid) with n-butanol. Our IBN isobutyl is made in sterile production environment, achieving over 98% purity of the final product.


Just as amyl, isobutyl nitrite has a whole range of industrial and household applications. It is commonly used to clean sensitive metallic parts of industrial machinery, for example, or added to a variety of household cleaning liquids, room odorizers, and air fresheners.

Typical household use of pure isobutyl includes wood and leather conditioning, as well as stain removal from both soft and hard surfaces.

Unlike amyl nitrite, isobutyl has never been used medically as a vasodilator (blood vessel relaxant) nor as an emergency antidote to cyanide poisoning.


Prolonged inhalation of isobutyl nitrite can result in flush of the face, anxiety, confusion, headache and faintness and may possibly even cause the victim's collapse. Contact with skin can cause irritation; contact with eyes will cause severe irritation.

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